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We are a small business run by five students as a part of our Introduction to Business course at Forest Hills Central High school. Our name "Plutus" comes from the Greek god of wealth. So together our name is pocket wealth. Or as we think of it pocket for your items.We, like many of you, have struggled with a way to hold all of our items while on the go.Now with our phone wallet you can conveniently store your cash and cards securely on the back of your phone.

Besides our product we are dedicated to protecting you in these uncertain times. That is why we wear masks and gloves while handling your phone wallet. We are also donating 15% of profits to Save the Children in order to help kids less privileged than us have access to education. To see more of our corporate responsibility plan with Save the Children click on the header. 


Our pocket is made of stretchy cloth material that both tightly secures your items and expands reach maximum capacity.


Our unique top cover provides more security than your average phone wallet. Our pocket's top helps to further secure you items and also hides them from prying eyes.


Our self adhesive backing securely holds onto the back of your phone case.

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Our black, self-adhesive, stretchy cloth, phone wallet with a foldable top. Can hold money, cards, keys and other assorted items.

Price: $6 per wallet
Additional $2.50 for shipping if you do not attend FHC

Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.3 in.

Compatible with Android and Apple products

Elizabeth Latunski


Kimberly Mullins


Will Gesik


David Galloway


Michael Frazer

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We will be donating 15% of our total profit to Save the Children, a non-profit that aims to fund schools and support impoverished kids in getting an education. We are privileged to get an education at Forest Hills Central, but many kids do not get the opportunities what we have. Added to that, there has been increased questions about school funding and attendance during this pandemic. Unemployment due to the pandemic could also work to jeopardize a child’s education. By donating to Save the Children we hope to enable schools financially to stay open and to support kids our age or younger individually.

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